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Personal Information

Ophelia Deroy is an expert in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Neuroscience. Before moving to LMU as a professor, she held positions in Paris, New York and London, where she co-directed the Institute of Philosophy at the School of Advanced Study. Her research addresses core issues in the philosophy of perception, metacognition, social cognition and social epistemology.

Selected Publications

  1. Lefebvre, G., Deroy, O., & Bahrami, B. (2024). The roots of polarization in the individual reward system. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 291(2017), 20232011.
  2. Zapata, J., Sulik, J., von Wulffen, C., & Deroy, O. (2024). Bystanders’ collective responses set the norm against hate speech. Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, 11(1), 1-13.
  3. Barrera-Lemarchand, F., Balenzuela, P., Bahrami, B., Deroy, O., & Navajas, J. (2024). The wisdom of extremized crowds: Promoting erroneous divergent opinions increases collective accuracy, Psychological Science
  4. Longin, L., Bahrami, B., & Deroy, O. (2023). Intelligence brings responsibility-Even smart AI assistants are held responsible. Iscience, 26(8).
  5. Deroy, O. (2023). The Ethics of Terminology: Can We Use Human Terms to Describe AI?. Topoi, 42(3), 881-889.
  6. Schmauder, C., Karpus, J., Moll, M., Bahrami, B., & Deroy, O. (2023). Algorithmic Nudging: The Need for an Interdisciplinary Oversight. Topoi, 42(3), 799-807.
  7. Geiselmann, R., Tsourgianni, A., Deroy, O., & Harris, L. T. (2023). Interacting with agents without a mind: the case for artificial agents. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, 51, 101282.
  8. Deroy, O. (2023). Olfactory abstraction: a communicative and metacognitive account. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, 378(1870), 20210369.
  9. Battich, L., & Deroy, O. (2022). Cognitive penetration and implicit cognition. In The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy and Implicit Cognition (pp. 144-152). Routledge.
  10. Longin, L., & Deroy, O. (2022). Augmenting perception: How artificial intelligence transforms sensory substitution. Consciousness and Cognition, 99, 103280.

Research Projects

    Funded by : European Innovation Council
    Dates : 10.2023 to 09.2027

    EMERGE will deliver a new philosophical, mathematical, and technological framework to demonstrate, both theoretically and experimentally, how a collaborative awareness – a representation of shared existence, environment and goals – can arise from the interactions of elemental artificial entities.
    Funded by : Volkswagen Fondation
    Dates : 09.2022 to 09.2026

    Co-Sense brings a new Momentum to the Chair of Philosophy of Mind, extending its cross-disciplinary infrastructures to examine perception in a social rather than individual context. It covers conceptual and experimental questions about joint perception, perceptual common ground.
    Funded by : BIDT
    Dates : 08.2022 to 08.2024

    Co-Learn examines situation of collaborative learning with artificial agents, and
    brings perspectives from computer science, cognitive neuroscience and philosophy
    of mind and AI together to address this question.
    Funded by : Vaccine Confidence Fund
    Dates : 01.2023 to 04.2024

    Vaccine hesitancy has been defined as indecision about vaccination, and is distinct
    from opposition. In this international project, involving Germany and Argentina, we
    specifically are interested in conceptualising and mapping what this indecision
    amounts to, especially in relation to other existing concepts, and consider the role
    of peer-to-peer deliberation in reducing it.
    Funded by : Volkswagen Fondation
    Dates : 04.2023 to 12.2024

    How do people look at climate scenarios and how is it affected by their social
    situation? This project extends the framework of Co-Sense to make it relevant to
    science communication and science museums interested in climate change
    Funded by : DFG
    Dates : 06.2023 to 06.2026

    This project looks at the relation between consciousness and attention, with a
    particular focus on new empirical evidence.


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