Dr. Ignacio Ojea Quintana


Lehrstuhl für Wissenschaftstheorie, MCMP


Ludwigstr. 31

Raum 131

80539 München


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Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1

80539 München

Further Information

Before joining the MCMP in 2022 I was a Research Fellow at the School of Philosophy of the Australian National University for three years, working with the Humanising Machine Intelligence initiative. I received my PhD in philosophy from Columbia University in 2019, working in formal social epistemology under the direction of Philip Kitcher. Before that, I received Masters and BA in Philosophical Logic from the University of Buenos Aires, where I worked with the Buenos Aires Logic Group.

Research interests

I use formal tools to understand and tackle some of the impact that digital technologies have and will have in the way we organize knowledge in scientific and non-scientific communities. My dissertation focused on how to best represent the consensus and (network) dynamic of a social group given the attitude of its individuals, be them opinions or judgments of sympathy. I am now working on social media network analysis on controversial topics, and I am also interested in the emergent field of philosophy of data science, and in the ethics of autonomous decision making.


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  • “Stochastic Policies in Morally Constrained (C-)SSPs," (2022) Proceedings of the 2022 AAAI/ACM Conference on AI, Ethics, and Society (with Charles Evans, Claire Benn, Pamela Robinson, and Sylvie Thiebaux).
  • “Radical Pooling and Imprecise Probabilities," (2022) Erkenntnis.
  • “The affiliative use of emoji and hashtags in the Black Lives Matter movement: A Twitter case study," (2021) Social Science Computer Review (with Mark Alfano, Ritsaart Reimann, Marc Cheong, and Colin Klein).
  • “The Coordination Dilemma For Epidemiological Modelers,"(2021) Biology and Philosophy (with Sarita Rosenstock and Colin Klein).