Dr. Daniel Sharp

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Lehrstuhl für Philosophie und Politische Theorie

AOE Political Philosophy (Global Justice, Migration, Citizenship, Egalitarianism), Ethics, Bioethics, Wittgenstein


Ludwigstr. 31 - Rückgebäude

Raum 102

80539 München


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Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1

80539 München

I am a wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (postdoc) at LMU at the Chair for Philosophy and Political Theory. I completed by PhD in Philosophy at New York University in early 2022. I have diverse interests in ethics and political philosophy. I also have research interests in Wittgenstein (particularly the later philosophy), in history of political thought, and in bioethics. Much of my recent research concerns migration and citizenship. One project explores how current practices of governing migration and distributing citizenship create problematically inegalitarian social relationships between persons within and between states. On the basis of my diagnosis of the egalitarian problems with contemporary migration governance, I explore the institutions regulating global mobility might be reimagined to facilitate, rather than to hinder, equal social relations between persons. A second project explores the moral foundations of citizenship: why we have such a status in the first place. I’m working on a book manuscript, provisionally titled the Moral Foundations of Citizenship. The book offers a pluralist defense of the idea of citizenship that is sensitive to the deeply inegalitarian nature of actual citizenship regimes and how citizenship must be transformed to achieve its central normative functions. A third project concerns the ethics of migration diplomacy. This project explores how migration impacts interstate relations. In a series of paper, I explore the ethics of leveraging migrants in interstate bargaining, how states should respond to migration blackmail, and why externalization policies pursued by states in the Global North undermine the self-determination of states in the Global South. One upshot of the project is that it provides additional support for the need of just supranational institutions that migration governance (partially) out of the hands of states. In the longer term, I hope to write a book about the relation between social justice and global justice.


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  • “Nils Holtug, The Politics of Social Cohesion: Immigration, Community, and Justice.” Journal of Moral Philosophy. Forth.
  • “Christian Schemmel: Justice and Egalitarian Relations.” Res Publica. Forth.

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