Dissertation Project

Working Title: What do we owe to the children of separated parents?

To answer this question, the dissertation project combines philosophical theories on the normativity and value of family relationships as well as empirical studies on families in divorce contexts. A parental separation is associated with changes in the relationships and living conditions of the family that pose a risk to a well-functioning family system. In this context, empirical studies show that the children affected often suffer from a loss of emotional security and continuity of care. The aim of the dissertation project therefore is to investigate ways to promote the wellbeing of children in divorce contexts and to determine who is responsible for this.

Academic Background

  • 10/2019 – 4/2020 Empirical social research at Deutsches Jugendinstitut.
  • 10/2018 - 09/2022 PhD studies at LMU: Munich Graduate School for Ethics in Practice.
  • 9/2016 – 9/2018 MA studies in philosophy at LMU Munich.
  • 9/2012 – 2/2016 BA studies in German literature at LMU Munich.
  • 9/2014 – 1/2015 Semester abroad at Universidad de Oviedo, Spain.
  • 9/2011 – 9/ 2015 BA studies in philosophy and cultural science at LMU Munich.