Dr. des. Alexander Edlich

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Lehrstuhl für Praktische Philosophie und Ethik

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80539 München


Alexander Edlich is a postdoctoral researcher at LMU’s chair for ethics and practical philosophy. In 2023 he completed his PhD at LMU with a thesis on “The Non-Conflicting Stance. On Blame, Protest, and Objectionability” (supervised by Monika Betzler and Laura Valentini). Prior to that he studied philosophy as well as physics at LMU and the University of Oxford.
He works on moral responsibility, blame, and apologies, as well as on themes in feminist and LGBTQ ethics. He has published work on the standing to blame, vicarious agency (with Jonas Vandieken), and abusive moral address (with Alfred Archer).

Curriculum Vitae

CV Edlich 2023 (PDF, 125 KB)