02 Jul
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Attitudes of the Heart - Themes from the Work of Stephen Darwall


2. Juli 2024 - 3. Juli 2024


Center for Ethics and Practical Philosophy (ZEPP) | LMU Main Building | Room No. M210

This is the second instalment of the LMU Workshop on Relational Ethics with a focus on the themes from Stephen Darwall’s forthcoming book ‘The Heart and its Attitudes’ (OUP). It will include talks by Stephen Darwall (Yale), Claudia Blöser (Cologne), Brendan de Kenessey (Toronto), Lucy McDonald (KCL), Monika Betzler (LMU), Michelle Mason Bizri (Minnesota), Caleb Ward (Hamburg), Jonas Vandieken (LMU), Quinn White (Harvard), and Ariel Zylberman (Albany).

The workshop is organized by Jonas Vandieken (LMU), and funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

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Attitudes of the Heart - Conference Poster (PDF, 230 KB)

Conference Schedule (PDF, 212 KB)